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carys wrote on the 18/06/2010:
You are really funny i love your poems there great!!
Pip from Preston wrote on the 22/10/2009:
I love the poetry game – lots of fun!
Donald from Lytham St. Anne\’s wrote on the 13/10/2009:
I hope you got my poem…
Mike wrote on the 24/09/2009:
Craig is a funny and sound guy
Sara wrote on the 23/09/2009:
Wicked film…I would like to do Streetspeak
Marty wrote on the 23/09/2009:
I like the videos of the poets…they are funny and I wrote a poem
Kyle from Preston wrote on the 23/09/2009:
Funny. Good poems
Katherine from Preston wrote on the 23/09/2009:
Poetry is a very interesting and very clever subject to learn about. Important stuff. Terry is a man who has a lot of ideas and who knows rhymes off by heart and always remembers?