Ingol and Tanterton Community Trust

Based in the Ingol and Tanterton wards of Preston, INTACT aims to:

  • Make the community a better place to live, by organising events and festivals and community clean-up days and by listening to, and acting on, local people‚Äôs concerns
  • Support everyone in the community, by offering regular drop-ins and surgeries, affordable services and skills training
  • Provide facilities and activities such as holiday play schemes and sports activities
  • Raise awareness of issues such as speeding and healthy eating
  • Provide a fully equipped community centre for local people and agencies to hire for public and private events
  • Provide volunteering opportunities where adults and young people can gain valuable work experience, life skills and records of their achievement
  • Provide a safe and friendly learning environment for children and adults. A fully equipped IT centre means that people who have never used a computer can learn basic skills
  • Encourage people to become actively involved in their communities, have a voice in board meetings and forums and develop and run their own community groups
  • Promote partnerships and work with others to achieve common goals
  • Achieve long-term sustainability