Playing for Success

Playing for Success (PfS) is a partnership between the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), local authorities and a broad range of sports. Partners include clubs and the Premier League and Football Leagues, Rugby League and Union, cricket, basketball, hockey, ice hockey, gymnastics and tennis. In all, 18 different sports are represented in PfS.

Through Playing for Success, the DCSF and partners have established study support centres within sports clubs’ grounds and sporting venues. Centres are vibrant, exciting and stimulating places for young people to learn.

Pupils at the centres get up to speed in the key skills of literacy, maths and ICT – the foundation stones of their education. Tens of thousands of children have come out of the centres’ doors with improved skills, motivation and self-esteem, giving them a real boost and, in many cases, a new start in which they can build on back at school.

Playing for Success has been operating at Preston North End FC since May 2003.  Since opening, more than 50 schools have accessed the learning programmes, with more than 2500 pupils taking part.

Playing for Success at PNEFC (PfS) aims to:

  • enhance achievement at KS2 and KS3 for targeted children in maths, literacy and ICT
  • improve pupils’ motivation and confidence
  • develop and enhance study skills