World Cup Poetry Competiton winners!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a poem to our World Cup Poetry Competition!  The standard of poems was very high, and we have enjoyed reading each and every one of them!  Our winners are:

Jocel Macaraeg from the 10-13 age group

Richard Boothroyd from the 14-18 age group

Here are the winning poems:

Jocel Macaraeg’s poem

“Football is my hobby

I look up to Stevie G

Liverpool is the best

I know they beat the rest

Terry takes a corner

A fantastic goal by the striker

Wayne Rooney gets that goal

Then he passes it to Ashley Cole

1-    1-0   to England, Don’t give up

Then Gerrard scored, he lightened up

2-    2-0   To England, You’re going to win the world cup!

Spain is out of the game

C’mon England you’re on your way to fame

Now beat Brazil

You’re going to win this for real!

But Brazil hits the ball in the net

C’mon England, it’s only 2-1 don’t fret

But Robert Green lost the Ball

Oh No! You could have beat them all and all

Let’s go now make it 3-2

This is for us and also for you!

Heskey to Aaron Lennon

Then kicks it to Crouch, Our point is proven

Crouch headered it in!

Can’t believe, we’re going to win

Brazil are now desperate, their coach is shouting

Whilst Fabio Capello is hysterically laughing

The game has ended the final whistle blow

Of England the winners went, what a incredible show

That’s it for now folks, ENGLAND Has won the world cup!”


Richard Boothroyd’s poem

“Every four years it’s that time again,
We’ll just have to pray for no more dodgy linesmen.
The world’s best talent all on show,
Ronaldo, Messi and Torres you know.

Held in South Africa, this is a first,
Vuvuzelas electric, burst after burst.
Bafana Bafana, the atmosphere is intense,
A world cup to remember, totally immense.

Shocks and celebrations, skills and mistakes,
Did the ref really miss that, more penalty retakes.
The controversial Jabulani, swerving, dipping and totally untrue,
Some of the players have mastered it, how about you?

In the sweepstake at work, the luck of the draw
I’ve got the Netherlands, a team whose football you’ve got to adore.
Bert van Marwijk leads the orange army from the bench,
No troubles in the Dutch camp, not like the mutinous French!

It all began back in Soccer City with Tshabalala’s famous wonder-goal,
Japan, New Zealand and Ghana have all played their role.
The build up has been brilliant, but now we’re down to the final four,
Holland, Uruguay, Germany, Spain and no more.

Who will win, only time will tell,
Four teams have a chance, so long as they don’t dwell.
We want to see attacking football, all of the skills known to man,
Personally I’m glad there was no vuvuzela ban.

Brilliant stadiums, the turf shimmers a glimmering green,
Imagine being sat in that crowd, even though I’m only eighteen.
I’ve just finished college, university calls,
Hopefully I won’t be watching the world cup finals in my residential halls!”

Congratulations Jocel and Richard…from all at Streetspeak!  Your prizes are in the post!  

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